5 Easiest Ways to Lose Weight, Without Sweating

Planning to lose weight this winter? Tired of going through the tips for weight loss online. Nothing seems to work as planned. Right?

For most people losing weight in winter is an uphill task. The cold chilly weather increases our appetite. We all tend to have more cravings for carbs. Our blood supplies nutrients to our body, which depend on the food we intake. Food breaks down, gets metabolized and transfers nutrients to our body through blood. This generates energy, which increases our body temperature.

So, when nutrient-dense blood is pumped into our body, we feel warmer.

Moreover, in winter we all turn lazy, hesitate to step out of our warm and cosy blankets. Low and dropping temperature reduces our body heat too. This condition stimulates hunger and we tend to munch on anything that is in front of us. Exactly because of these reasons we tend to put on unwanted pounds. Also, remember that hunger is the side-effect of less water intake.

So, now the question arises that how do we control this and stay fit. It is crucial that we choose what we Eat very wisely. Here are the easiest, laziest, and simplest ways to lose weight without worrying about gym routines,

Efficient Tips for Weight Loss

Proper Sleep

Bleary mornings and a crabby attitude aren’t the only side effects of insufficient sleep, missing out on shut-eye can also lead to weight gain. In fact, researchers at Columbia University found that people who sleep less than 7 hours per night are heftier, gain more weight over time, and have a tougher time losing weight!

As per the article published on Times Now, a research entitled ‘Impact of Chronic Cold Exposure in Humans’ by Australian scientist Dr Paul Lee, from Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney highlighted that snoozing in winter increases brown fat and enhances the metabolism of our body.

Brown fat, also known as good fat, can help in burning more calories and destroy harmful white fat from our body. This brown fat not only helps you lose weight but also reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, and more.

Here are the benefits of sleeping for at least 7 hours in chilly weather

  • Rests late-night eating and munching habits
  • Helps burn calories by eating less
  • Boosts fat loss
  • Maintains concentration and brain focus level

Foods with High Water Content

Eat high water content foods to lose weight fast. Consume fruits, vegetables, and soups that are high in water and aid weight without adding calories. Beat the extra pounds by hydrating and replenishing your body.

Dense Protein Intake

A high protein intake diet boosts weight loss apart from other numerous health benefits. Ingestion of protein-rich diets helps you shed those unwanted belly fats. Keep your stomach full, while also stimulating the fat-burning muscle.

In addition, a research carried out by the University of Washington suggests that a protein-dense diet controls those uncontrollable munching craving. It appears to force the brain into thinking that you’ve eaten more than you have.

However, try sticking to lean protein. Avoid high-fat meat and dairy products, which are strictly a no-no for your health, especially the heart. Choose low-fat milk, skinless chicken breasts, fish, eggs etc. In short, protein makes you eat fewer calories automatically.

Proper Water Intake

Water has no exception properties that can reduce weight magically. However, one of the best and healthiest things to do to shed extra body fat is by drinking more water. It boosts calorie burning process by suppressing your appetite.

But in cold weather people tend to drink less water. Actually, good water intake not only helps you to keep your body hydrated but curbs hunger and also prevents snacking habits for the wrong reasons. It diligently boosts energy levels and keeps mind fresh. So, maintaining proper water consumption throughout the day will ensure that your body is replenished and also gets rid of toxins and other waste materials that get accumulated in the body leading to different skin issues and health hazards.

Exposure to Sunlight

This is a bit surprising factor for all of us. We all know that early morning sun rays provide our body with rare vitamin D found in other sources. New studies and research have revealed that exposure to sunlight is linked to weight loss. How?

Sunlight prevents a dip in serotonin secretion, a mood-enhancing chemical that is also partly responsible for creating a feeling of fullness and curbing hunger. It is believed that bright light, or even an exposure to artificial light in the morning, can reduce appetite and hunger. Lower levels of this brain chemical are often associated with depression, insomnia and weight gain.

Here, we have explained five easiest ways to lose body weight. If you hate visiting gyms than try the above-mentioned tricks along with a natural, healthy weight loss supplement from Aziz Herbal.

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