9 Bad Habits that Are Reducing Your Sperm Count

habits for sperm countMan and woman play an equally important role when it comes to making a baby. However, to conceive, man’s sperm must be healthy and strong. A woman carries baby in her womb and delivers it after 9 months.

Health Body means Healthy Sperm. To cause a pregnancy, a man must be able to maintain the erection, possess enough amount of well-shaped sperm and hold enough semen to carry the sperm to the egg. Initially, man toils hard not to get his partner pregnant and when they both agree and want to have a baby, they realize that conceiving isn’t easy.

Health Research Statistics

As per the study, overweight men are 11% more likely to have a low sperm count. These men are 39% likely to suffer habits to kill sperm countfrom no sperm count at all in their ejaculation. The statistics are worse for people that are obese. They are 42% more likely to have low sperm count and 81% more likely to produce no sperm. Those who are suffering from obesity issues, read:

The statistics for the normal couple is also not inspiring. Nearly, 1 in 8 normal weight couple have problems in achieving pregnancy. In 1 out of 3 cases the problem is with men, according to national fertility organization.

The normal sperm count has been on a decline. The main reason for the decline has been the bad habits guys indulge in. Here are the bad habits hurting and destroying sperms in past decade or so.

Going to Bed Past Midnight:

Guy’s turn off your web series and get some sleep!

Over the last couple of decades, the number of people suffering from sleep deprivation across the globe is increasing. Thus, the number of fertile couples are declining. Men who sleep less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours per night have 42% lower chances of becoming a dad.

Scientists believe that less or excess sleep hampers the production of testosterone. The proper amount of testosterone is important for sperm production. If you don’t sleep for 7 or 8 hours a day, chances are you may gain excess weight and increase the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Excessive Use of Plastic

Now it has been a topic for a couple of decades, but still, we don’t take it seriously. Look around and you’ll find that habits for sperm count 1most items are made-off plastic. Plastic has become a part of our life, but we need to understand that it contains harmful chemicals like BPA and Phthalates. These products in plastic reduce sperm count and it has been proven.

Junk Food Cravings

Eating pizzas, burgers, chips could make men infertile. Food items that contain transgender fats that can damage sperm. According to doctors from Harvard University nutrition has a direct impact on male reproductivity. If you wish to become a father one day, then quit greasy junk food.

Also, we know that junk food leads to uncontrollable weight gain and make you obese. This can drastically reduce your chances of becoming a father. So, to maintain your weight this winter read: Foods You Must Stop Eating Now to Lose Weight this Winter.

Eating Canned Food

Canned food to contains same chemicals as in plastic. Since, 1960 food cans have been coated with resins, which contains BPA.

Using Wrong Lubricants

Most lubricants contain hydrochloric acid, known to reduce male fertility. Moreover, they block the sperm’s path as they are too thick for them to swim through and reach the egg to fertilize it. Try natural options with no harmful chemicals in it can be an excellent option.

Fizzy Drinks

Soft drink contains a high amount of soda. Consuming high amount of sugar can lead to insulin resistance. The cells block glucose, which hinders the sperm motility. In addition, drinking more than one guzzling soda a day can make you fat. By now, we all know overweight and obesity causes infertility.

Overheating Your Testicles

Heat is among the top causes of low sperm production. As per British research, keeping mobile in pants pockets exposes hurt the number of sperms swimming to reach the egg. Same is the case with the laptop. The radiation from mobile and laptop causes sperm DNA damage.

Love Smoking

No brainer, ditch your cigarettes. They really hamper your dream of becoming a father. Plus, if you have doping habits quit them too. Some studies have found that smoking marijuana also affects sperm motility. Marijuana is known to significantly lower seminal fluids.

Extreme Stress-levels

According to Fertility & Sterility Journal, stress can have a negative impact on sperm production, shape, and motility. It has been observed that stressed men have low sperm in their ejaculate. Plus, the sperms it contains is likely to have impaired motility.

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