Foods You Must Stop Eating Now to Lose Weight this Winter

Obesity is a rising health issue across the globe. It has nearly tripled since 1975. Most of the global populace live in countries where fatness kills more people than half-starved.

As per World Health Organisation,

  • Around 1.9 billion adults aged 18 plus years are obese. Out of them, nearly 650 million were overweight.
  • Nearly 41 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese. Over 340 million children aged 5-19 were overheavy in 2016.

Waists of adults are increasing rapidly than body weight. At some point, we all have been there. A pant suddenly seems tighter. We pull our belly-in to wear the pant. This is a vital sign that your weight is gradually increasing.

As per the obesity data released by the World Obesity Federation, a community dedicated to fighting obesity health demons, a percentage of obese people in India is set to spike around 5% by 2025.

How unhealthy and fat-laden foods make us fat?

In winter, as the temperature drops, we stop going out and tend to eat a lot. This means we intake more calories than we burn due to which our weight creeps up. Ask the health experts whom to blame and they’ll accuse laziness, fatty food, sugar or carbs. Read Winter weight loss tips.

As per the research conducted by Dr Kevin Hall f the US National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases no one macronutrients like salt, sugary, or carbs can be deemed as the reason for the obesity epidemic. Rather, its pointed to changes in the whole food environment. From late 20th century, we’ve been living in the quagmire of low cost, calorie-laden junk food

So, if you have those wobbly bits and gained some weight recently- Lose it now before contributing to the statistics mentioned above. If you’ve reached the stage, where climbing steps seems a major ask, you need to limit or restrict certain foods. Don’t worry here’s the list of foods you need to give away this winter season.

Quit following food items to lose weight

Milk Products

We all love milk products- yoghurt, curd, butter, and cheese. Don’t we? It is difficult to skip them, but it’s better if we reduce their intake in winter especially when trying to lose weight.

The truth is milk causes catarrh and can thicken it. This causes more discomfort and enhances throat irritation. Thick catarrh also leads to heavy breathing and can interrupt physical activities. Moreover, all dairy products contain milk sugar, lactose, which can slow down weight loss process.

Burger, French Fries & Soda

We all know that gobbling on burgers, French fries and gulping down soda leads to more weight gain than fresh fruits, veggies and brown rice diet. If you replace a bottle of soda with water daily for a year, you can lose 35 pounds.

French fries or potato chips are extremely high in calories. In one observational study, researchers have found that potatoes are one of the worst offenders. They contribute to more weight gain per serving than any other food item. Moreover, baked, fried or roasted potatoes contain a harmful cancerous substance, acrylamides.

Boiled potatoes are considered healthy, on the other hand, french fries and chips are fattening food.


As the mercury drops, we start drinking less water, which may dehydrate us. What’s more, people consider alcohol as a good option to keep the body warm, but the truth is that it further dehydrates the body which can be harmful. Alcohol adds calories and affects our metabolism. Besides, liquor enhances body temperature speedily which adds the risk of getting cold very quickly.

Hot-Sugary Drinks

Coffee most importantly contains caffeine, a chemical that can enhance the fat burning process for a small duration. The real negative here is unnatural ingredients like artificial cream and sugar. A high-calorie coffee drink is no better than soda. They’re loaded with calories equal to a whole meal.

If you like coffee, stick to plain, black coffee if you aim to lose weight. Just avoid adding sugar, creams and other unhealthy ingredients.


Better watch what you eat, if you are planning to lose few pounds. Even though meat and eggs are known for a high source of protein, however, red meat is often related to high levels weight gain.

Also, high protein boosts mucus built-up in your throat. Processed meat and high-fat meat can cause problems, while fish and poultry are relatively safer.

Off-Season Vegetables and Fruits

Munching on fruits and vegetables can be health hazardous. They can cause health issues, like immune system disorder, homoeostatic imbalance. So, avoid a fruit that is available in the off-season. It is best not to consume them. Consumption of citrus fruits during the cold season of the year accelerates your body metabolism to reduce unwanted pounds and enhance overall health.

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