Busting Common Myths of Male Sex Drive

Sexual desire of both male and female is one subject associated with human health that has been under a lot of scrutinies. Day by day more people are asking questions about it and there are myths associated with male sex drive.

Lack of sexual desire is a taboo subject for both men and women. No one is really good at discussing it freely due to ego associated with it. And this is why the myths are continuing to thrive more.

A low desire of sex has been a primary reason for the rift in the most relationship, and it is a time that we understand the issue more clearly. Partners should express love, affection, and care in such condition when one of them is already facing the heat of low libido.

Let us dive deep into the topic and bust the myths related to male sex drive one by one,

Myths of Male Sex Drive

Myth #1: Men are always crazy for sex

We all have heard this at some point in time that sex drive is high in men and they need sex all the time. We assume that man’s sexual desire is thriving and hence, is the least spoken topic. Well, It’s not true at all.

Men and women both have the equal desire to indulge in an act of love-making or reproduction. However, women may lose interest in sex due to different reasons, including childhood abuse, unaddressed relationship issues, juggling nature of lifestyle, and more. The reason in women may vary and same may be the case with men.

When freed from the above negative conditions, women are equally erotic and connected in sex as men. Sometime men may feel aroused and there are times when he might not even think of it.

Myth #2: I’m unable to turn him on, it must be because he is no longer interested in me or does not love me anymore

Men’s sex drive is very rarely about lack of interest or love, that’s the issue. Dip in sex drive is common for both men and women.

Libido is a naturally meant to reproduce and ensure the survival and growth of our species. So, human sex drive can be high and it can be low depending upon the different stages of life.

When in love, everything is really an exciting experience. Dopamine, happy drug is rushing through the body at this time, boosting sexual drive.

Myth #3: Men just care about getting laid

This is the most interesting myth surrounding sexual drive. The question has emerged due to growing number of acts of sexual harassment and rapes around the world.

However, the myth is far away from being true.

Men also love being loved. It means a lot to them. They also want to be cuddled, cared, and spend. However, here men must be more open with their better half. If you hide the fact behind low sexual desire, your partner may feel rejected and hurt.

Myth #4: If he’s not getting erection, he’s avoiding sex

Not getting an erection while indulging in the romantic act does not mean he is not interested in sex. Low sexual desire or erectile dysfunction is the main subject that hurts men pride and is really embarrassing for him. So, he may not speak about it, but the chances are that he may not be in a proper mental state, or may be facing health issue that needs treatment and supervision.

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