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FAQ: Herbal Remedies for Sexual Health and Tool Enlargement

Does the enlargement capsule work for everyone?

We all know that men always worry about penis size. Yes, the Aziz Man Capsule, a herbal remedy for tool enlargement has proven to be effective for people of all ages and races. There are absolutely no side effects associated with the capsule. It is known to maximize pleasure and sex drive.

Other than enlargement, what are other benefits of Aziz Man Capsule?

Herbal Medicine and Tool Enlargement

Aziz Man Capsule not only helps men gain bulkier, stronger, and rigid erection but also helps in,

  • Increasing penile head and girth size
  • Enhancing sexual stamina for longer love-making sessions
  • Achieving intense orgasms
  • Increasing testosterone levels and blood flow to the genital area
  • Building a better sex drive
  • Improving urinary flow
  • Treating impotence
  • Improving sperm production

Are the results of Aziz Man Capsule Permanent?

Prompt changes are the uniqueness of herbal supplements like Aziz Man Capsule, and the gained benefits are permanent and yours to keep.


Few important tips to help you gain noticeable results with herbal pills

  • Maintain healthy dietary habits
  • Exercise regularly for a healthy lifestyle Quit smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Get proper sleep

If these herbal medicines do work, why most men pay higher prices for prescribed medicines?

Prescription medications for erectile dysfunction are widely used by men who are looking for instant results- a quick hard boner. But, there are plenty of side effects associated with quick results.

However, on the flip side, herbal capsules have a trust issue surrounding them. Most men view them with a skeptic’s eye because it is hard to believe for them that natural ingredients can do wonders for them. The fraudulent efforts to just earn money is not helping either.

Herbal pills have undeniably benefited many men to improve their sexual life in various aspects. Aziz Herbal turns away from making false claims and promotes true facts about these pills. We aim to bring highlight goodness of nature and adopt effective ancient medication techniques for better, cost-effective results.

Does age affect penis enlargement?

Aziz Herbal’s Men Capsule work on men of all ages and the best thing is without side-effects. Men of 5 inches have increased to 7 inches even at the age of 40.

Anyways to increase the size of my penis?

Using some healthcare products found on Aziz Herbal can help in to get the grip of the head. Use the thumb and index finger by repeatedly pulling the flaccid penis.

How should I control my urge to sex whenever I am around my female friends?

You can stop avoiding pornography, keep yourself busy, keep your stress levels controlled and try some effective methods to control your thoughts.

Will my penis size matter to my wife?

If you think from a consensual satisfaction, it is a hot topic amongst ladies. However, most women are pleased with the average penis size and enjoy their sex life but, for some women, the average size penis is not sufficient and they complain of inadequate stimulation and less orgasm.Indulge in foreplays and start taking care of your partner’s sexual desires. Try some different sex positions to clear the misconceptions about the sizes.

How to increase your sexual drive?

Keep your body healthy and hydrated with lots of proteins and nutrients. For increasing your sexual drive communicate with your partner, do some regular aerobic exercises and ditch smoking or alcohol.

Is swallowing sperms harmful?

Nope, it is not harmful in any way. It has various benefits of swallowed if looked as per legends. So, as for now, it’s not harmful.

Does weight affect your sexual drive?

Yes, obesity, fats, anxiety etc are some causes that hamper a person’s sexual drive. Get going with the gym and try to lower eating carbs.

I cannot keep the boner erect for a longer time?

Do a slight massage every day with some oil or try some products from Aziz Herbal, they are effective ones to increase your sexual desires and performances.

Is it safe having sex during the pregnancy stage?

Initially consult your doctor, as it is safe to have sex during pregnancy but you also require to take some precautions. If you have a high-risk stage of pregnancy I must say avoid.

Getting tiny bumps on my penis, is that something to worry about?

They might be pimples, ingrown hairs or a skin cyst which are normal. Genital warts or HPV also shows up like bumps visit the doctor soon.

My husband masturbates but doesn’t have sex with me, what should I do?

Communication is the key, talk about what has led him to stop being the animal in bed. You can also try to create some romantic dates with surprises and bring up the spice in your l; life back.

How can I help my wife reach orgasm?

Smoothing, kissing and sucking the women’s entire body will let them surrender to you easily. Hit her G-spot with your fingers back and forth.

I want my boyfriend to last longer on the bed, any advice?

Try some different positions, or try to continue with the positions that you often try. Stay hydrated with some protein shakes or Viagra will also do.

My husband loves oral sex but I don’t, what can we do on this?

Talk about it, there is nothing wrong in having oral sex but having different perspectives when it comes to having sex as a couple. Make sure that you make oral sex more enjoyable rather than getting bored with it.

My husband watches porn all the time but has a less sex drive, what should I do?

Watching porn’s has distracted men from investing their 100 percent in showing the same level of excitement when on the bed. So, the women are left deprived, being a wife make space for communication and talk about it. If not, then wear something awesome get your makeover done, create an atmosphere or talk something horny about your favorite male actor.

My boyfriend is attending a strippers club, I am way too jealous is that normal?

Yes, it is normal but such habits are harmful to your relationship. You don’t know when your man might get slipped over during such situations unless the strippers also sleep with the men coming to watch them. All the best!

How to spice up my boring marriage sex life?

Create some romantic atmosphere by playing soft music, get yourself ready with some revealing clothes and watch some games with your husband.

How make a vagina tighter?

Try out the products at Aziz herbal and there are some exercises that can help with it.

Where is the G-shot located on the vagina?

Inside the vagina on the front wall which is around 50 to 80mm inside. Doing a clitoral stimulation urges orgasms.

I have lost my sexual desire, please help?

Watch porn, lead a healthy life, watch some exotic movies, romance movies, indulge in various chat groups etc. if you are married try the above-mentioned suggestions to spice up your life with hardcore sex.

I struggle to reach orgasm, what should I do?

Try not to think anything else, just go with the flow if you wait to have one you won’t get any. Go for it, try to get an answer whether what makes you sexually active try to find your part of flaws and eventually work on it.

Any possibilities of getting AIDS or STD due to oral sex?

No, don’t worry unless someone stabs you in the stomach! Just kidding, it is safe.

I love having sex in different positions, suggest some too?

Doggy position or the women bending and the men penetrating from the back can create light.

What are the reasons behind diminishing sexual drives?

Bad health, bad habits such as smoking, alcohols, intake of medicines, stress, anxiety, obesity, no-satisfaction etc are some of the common reasons.

How to recover from erection problems?

Get some amazing products from www.azizherbal.com also get yourself checked by your doctor.

Does exercise help in increasing the size of my breasts?

Yes, it does and massages with olive oil really do.

I am having sex for the first time, any advice?

Enjoy every second of it don’t worry about anything, just keep a condom handy for safer sex.


My penis gets erected every time I see a women’s butt, is that normal?

Distract yourself from the butts, and try to focus on something else. It is normal but might not work for you all the time.

It’s embarrassing when I get an erection in between a standing conversation? Help me?

Yes, it is when it’s a female friend that is something awful and embarrassing. Try to stay calm at such situations of problem persists try some yoga or exercises also consult your doctor.

I dream of having sex with another guy rather than my husband?

It is normal but tries to indulge more while having sex with your husband. We all have sexual fantasies try to replace that man with your husband then see the spark.

How to bring back the sex animal into your husband?

Get sexy yourself, leave your kitchen for a while planning some dates, wear something nice and revealing buy some sexy lingerie (men love it). All the best.

What care should be taken during having sex with a total stranger?

Condoms are the priority it’s better to know better about the person from your mutual friends. Sex is not just a craze it’s a need to keep it more sacred.

Does having sex every night make my vagina bigger?

Your vagina gets bigger depending upon the size of your baby, and yes the vagina becomes lose and not bigger. There are exercises and pills that can bring back the tightness.

How to stay safe during an unprotected sex?

Take some contraceptive pills within the said time frame, i.e, 72 hours.

My boyfriend is obsessed with sending nudes and not showing the same obsession during sex what should I do?

Make him waiting for the same, when you get your personal time, become someone whom he fantasizes about.

I am an athlete will that affect my hymen?

Yes, obviously. It’s not necessary to have sex to break your hymen. But, don’t worry nobody would see it as a big thing now science has opened a lot of such misconceptions with a proper definition and clarifications focus on your goals.

How to penetrate inside a woman's vagina?

Always start your sexual exercise with foreplays. Indulge in oral activities like pussy fingering, clit stimulation, nipple biting and more to keep your female partner excited. These activities will keep her vagina fluids flowing. Thus, providing maximum lubrication for smooth penetration.

I want to discuss my sexual fantasies with my husband, how should I begin?

Have a merry time with him, let’s say the day should be his whatever he likes to see have or watch you wear. And then start a conversation while having dinner or after the same. Communication is the key to everything.

Does piercing on your genitals, right?

Nope, not at all. It’s painful and might cause any sort of diseases.

My wife is sexually active I am not, why is that so?

Consult your doctor on this, talk to them about the issue. We all have different ways of dealing with the fantasies and due to which this is a common phenomenon amongst the couples these days. Spice it up, take it positively as she is open about being sexually active. Try new things while making love to each other.

Risks related to anal sex?

STIs, genital herpes, genital warts, Chlamydia. HIV, Syphilis and hepatitis B are some of the common risks. Use a condom and lubricate anus before trying it. To avoid such threats give an enema to your partner.


I love watching my husband’s penis. Is that normal?

Yes, it is, having sexual fantasies in women is a common aspect so, stay cool you are a highly active person.

How to lower pains during sex?

Lubricate the penis and vaginal area well.

Whenever I have sex I get caught of UTI why is that so?

Make sure that your boyfriend or husband doesn’t use dirty hands or fingers with long nails into your vagina. Clean sex leads to no UTI’s.

How should I prevent pregnancy?

To prevent pregnancy, men must use a condom or a woman can use a contraceptive pill.

Tell me about some positions for a smaller penis for satisfying penetration?

Use your finger also or get a vibrator. A satisfying penetration requires some positions mentioned under Kamasutra try everything and keep going with the ones you love.

Is having sex during periods normal?

Avoid sexual intercourse during your periods. It is highly possible to attract various diseases.

How does Aziz Men Capsule work?

Aziz Man Capsules are male enhancement pills that work. Formulated to create wondrous effects on all dick sizes.  It doesn’t matter, your penis could be 7 inches or 4 inches long. These pills will still give you the results you always desired.


Yohimbe bark enhances the blood flow in the genitals of both men and women, thus proving helpful for those with low libido. The research showed that Yohimbe stimulates erectile tissue to arouse people.

This ingredient is extremely beneficial for physiological (mental/emotional) impotence. The healthy circulation to the male reproductive organs helps sustain a firmer erection. Other than sexual dysfunction, Yohimbe is also effectively used to cure anxiety, depression, and diabetic conditions.

Muira Pauma

Effective in enhancing testosterone level, libido, and supports healthy erection. Lowers risks due to due to depression caused by problems like erection dysfunction.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed is similar to Viagra. Its active ingredient is icariin that acts as a PDE5 inhibitor- a blood tonic that increases blood flow to the penis. Strong blood flow fills the arteries in the penis and creates a hard, long-lasting erection. You can also enhance your sexual libido with the intake of this herb. Hence, to get a big dick that constantly throbs for sexual pleasure opt for herbal remedies from Aziz Herbal.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginko Biloba is an ancient herb used to increases blood circulation in the penis and pelvic region. The studies show that this oldest tree dating back over 270 million years is 84 % more effective in treating sexual dysfunction. Similarly, the herbal ingredient improves blood circulation by opening blood vessels, making blood flow “less gluey” and is also a very powerful anti-oxidant.

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