How to Increase Sperm & Semen Volume

Trying to increase your sperm volume and ejaculation loads? The same old advice is applicable to all- drink more increase sperm countwater. There are plenty foods, fluids and supplements you can opt for better ejaculation. However, to succeed you must try different options.

For Magical Effects of Drinking More Water

Semen being liquid in nature there must be a link between semen and water. It is fluid-based as its main job is to provide lubrication for sperms. It helps the free-flow movement of sperms, which is very important if you are trying to conceive. Hence, drinking more water increases ejaculation loads.

But, the question over here is, how much water a man should drink daily?

Studies have shown that a man should drink 4-5 litres of water daily. A safe way to keep the body hydrated as per the studies is to drink one cup of water every hour. If your average waking day is 14 to 16 hours, you’ll consume enough water to stay hydrated. For every 15 minutes of a workout, try adding an additional glass of water to combat water loss from sweating.

Dehydration may have an adverse effect. Check for vital signs like, if your urine colour is white or light yellow then your body is hydrated. If it is dark yellow in colour, it may suggest that your body is dehydrating, and you need to drink more water.

A regular Kegel exercise will also help boost ejaculation and volume.

Reasons for Drop in Semen Volume & Sperm Count?

Did you know that today the average sperm count rate is down than what it was 50 years ago? Studies are suggesting that it continues to drop every year by 1-2%.

So, what is the reason behind this drop?

Doctors have suggested avoiding the following things if you don’t want to deplete your sperm count, quality, and volume.

  • Avoid tight Underwear
  • Avoid exposure to excess heat
  • Don’t work with laptop on your lap
  • Do not sit with your legs crossed
  • Abstain from Ejaculation for day or two
  • Throw away your soda

By, now we all know that use of recreational drugs, smoking, and drinking alcohol not only causes cancer but also reduces semen volume, sperm count, and its quality.

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