Ambar Capsule for Vitiligo


What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo or leucoderma is a skin disorder in which white blotches appear randomly on
different parts of the body. It can affect any part of the body, including skin, hair, and even
the tissue inside the mouth, nose and the eye. This affects around population across the

In humans, melanin pigment is primarily responsible for skin color. Vitiligo occurs if
pigment-forming cells that produce melanin are dead, destroyed or not functioning. The
condition is neither life-threatening nor contagious.

However, it can be tense and stressful for most. While vitiligo is observed in all races, it’s more visible in dark-skinned

Different types of Vitiligo

Here are the different types of vitiligo that are commonly observed

Non-segmental vitiligo: In this, symmetrical white patches appear on both sides of the

Segmental vitiligo: In this, white patches appear only on one side of the body.

Universal vitiligo: In this, white marks appear on the complete body.


Plain, white spots on the skin are the primary symptom. The pinkish-white patch may appear
where the skin is most exposed to the sun.

In the beginning, a paler patch may develop on any part of the body. Slowly the patch will keep
losing its color, till it completely becomes white. The center of the patch may turn white
first. Areas where there are blood vessels under the skin, the patch may be pinkish in color
rather than white.

The edges of the white splotches may be smooth and sometimes are inflamed due
to hyperpigmentation. This disease does not cause any physical discomfort. There are
no complaints of dryness, but may occasionally be itchy.

Causes & Complications

The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown. The skin loses its color because the pigment-producing
cells, melanocytes stop producing melanin. Some researchers also believe that it is an autoimmune condition, in which defense mechanism of the body attacks cells, tissues and other parts of the body. In this, the immune system may attack melanocytes in the skin and destroy them.

Doctors still don’t know the exact reason behind cells failure. It may be related to

  1. Genetic condition, hereditary or family history of autoimmune conditions
  2. Stress or exposure to toxic industrial chemicals
  3. Intake of incompatible food combinations
  4. Poor digestive system
  5. Imbalance in the body fluids

Risk Factors associated with it

Let us check the increased risk factors for people with vitiligo:

  1. Social or psychological distress
  2. Skin cancer or diseases
  3. Eye complications, like inflammation of the iris
  4. Hearing Impairment
  5. Photosensitivity- a rash may appear after exposure to the sun for a longer period of time.
  6. Overactive thyroid glands
  7. Diabetes- a sugar condition
  8. Low self-esteem
  9. Lymph node diseases

How it Appears

The most common sites for vitiligo are:

  1. Depigmented macules and marks that can expand over time at an irregular rate
    Round, oval, or linear shaped.
  2. Size of the white patches can range from millimeters to centimeters
  3. Vitiligo often begins on the exposed or less covered areas like hands and face
  4. Visible around the eyes, eyelids, nostrils, mouth, armpits, groin, umbilicus, and
  5. In rare type of vitiligo, white patches can appear on just one part of the body
  6. Premature greying of the hair, eyebrows, and eyelids

Natural Cure for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is curable. The treatment may take minimum two to three years
to regain pigments. One must note that the re-pigmentation may not be 100%.
Ambar herbal capsule cure vitiligo by,

  1. Pacifying aggravated body fluids (pitta)
  2. Purifying and cleansing blood
  3. Restoring digestion
  4. Removing body toxins
  5. Shrinking white patches

The herbal capsules are formulated from the combination of rare herbs mentioned in ancient scripts. The natural properties of the capsule help treat different stages of vitiligo.


Ambar is available in capsule form for better and quick results. Intake of 1-2 capsules is recommended.

Benefits of Ambar Capsules

Aziz Herbal offers a safe medication made from the seeds, roots, and shrubs to cure skin depigmentation problem naturally. Immense benefits are associated with Amber Capsule, like

  1. Quick results within 6 weeks
  2. Cures white skin blotches by effectively activating melanocyte cells to produce
  3. Rejuvenates skin by removing the toxins from the body
  4. Ambar has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-oxidant properties
  5. Covers paler areas with darker skin for visible change
  6. Controls irregular spreading of white spots
  7. Improves body’s immune mechanism and metabolism
  8. Prevents them from re-appearing


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