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Who doesn’t want a longer, stronger and harder penis? Yes, it is not easy to get all of this in real life. But using allopathic meds for the same may affect your body in a negative way.

When you get results and increase the size of your penis and sexual performance without any side effects, it generates confidence in you.

Aziz Herbal is combining pure Ayurveda with the modern cutting edge scientific knowledge to produce xxx. Xxx will help you get a longer, stronger and harder penis with no side effects at all.

Best in class medicine for longer, stronger and harder penis, these are some of our most popular medicines to make your sexual life better.

Xxx is the most effective penis enlargement medicine in India. Issues like erectile dysfunction can be cured with the regular usage of xxx without any surgical procedure. It is the best way to increase the size of your penis without getting under the knife.

Xxx is prepared by creating a natural formula for making penis bigger and harder. Many of us are having a smaller penis, it is nothing to be shamed about. It can be taken care of by a short course of xxx. Don’t let your sex life suffer because of a small size of the penis, take a course and get it bigger.

Xxx is the safest and most effective medicine when it comes to longer, stronger and harder penis medicine. Many of our users have reported increases of up to 3.5 inches in length and up to 2.5 inches in girth. This is why we are considered as the best medicine provider for longer, stronger and harder penis in India by our users.

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What makes xxx the best choice for you to make your penis longer, stronger and harder?

  1.   Our formula for making your penis longer, stronger and harder medicine is completely safe and highly effective. It is a miracle of modern technologies combining with herbals and Ayurveda.
  2.   Unlike many other products available on the internet, xxx is prepared in a way that there are absolutely no side effects even after longer and continuous usage of xxx.
  3.   It is very easy to make xxx part of your regular life, as you do not need to make additional scheduling for intake of xxx. You can simply take a pill and wait for it to work wonders for you.
  4.   Xxx is created with combination of cutting edge modern technology and universally trusted Ayurveda. Xxx has been through a long and series of different tests to make sure that it does  not affect you in any possible way physically or mentally.
  5.   Xxx is highly regarded by our regular users and they are recommending it to everyone. You can take xxx and see how you can get longer, stronger and harder penis. And enjoy all the levels of sexual pleasures that you and your spouse deserve.
  6.   Xxx is not just a pill for longer, stronger and harder penis. But it also helps you to increase your sexual stamina and strength.  It helps you to last longer in bed like never before.
  7.   Aziz herbal have a team of in house doctors, happy to help you on every stage of the treatment. It is highly backed up by our team for the safe and healthy usage.
  8.   We are so sure about the results that if you are not having the desired results , then we have a clear and transparent refund policy*.
  9.   Not just our team of doctors are ready to help you on every step of your treatment, but we have an excellent and well trained customer support service who guide you and help you in every possible way.
  10. We are not shooting for unrealistic results, we offer you what is the reality. We promise only the realistic results and nothing more.

Some of the most common issues with which xxx can help you over come in just 3 month

Smaller Penis Size

Smaller size of the penis is more common than one may imagine. Xxx works miracle to increase the size of the penis. One may be able to increase the size of the penis up to  inches. Xxx is completely natural and safe.

Erection is weaker

Any one may get a weak erection because of stress, nervousness or even performance anxiety. It can also be the cause of lack in stamina or tiredness. Xxx not only increase the size of your penis, but it also make it harder. Thanks to its all natural compounds, the blood veins in your penis gets a push of blood, and the erection gets harder.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is commonly known as premature climax or early ejaculation as well. It may not be a cause for worry for your health but it surely is very frustrating for their sexual life and for their partners as well. It makes sex unfulfilling and less enjoyable. The natural and herbal formula used to create xxx gives you not just a longer, stronger and harder penis but also the longer time for enjoyable sex and better sexual performance.

See what our happy customers say about our xxx

Xxx has made many people happy with its magical effects. There are a lot of people who have many wonderful things to say about xxx.

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It takes years to build trust

Xxx is trusted by many for longer, stronger and harder penis medicine in India.

If you and your partner is frustrated due to the lack of stamina or short penis. Then it is pretty sure that your partner will not be happy with you sexually. You will not be able to perform well in sexual activities. All of this combined will give you stress and nervousness and you will not be able to get a proper eraction as well. One problem will lead to many. If you are having any of the above mentioned problems then you are at the right place.

Xxx is a herbal medicine for longer, stronger and harder penis. It has helped thousands of men in India and across the world to reach their full potential and help them realize true manhood.

With the help of xxx you will also be able to get the best in you. You can increase the size of your penis, length and girth as well. It will help you raise your stamina and make your partner happier like never before.

Benefits of using xxx to get longer, stronger and harder penis.

There are couple reasons xxx is considered as the best penis enlargement medicine in India including but not limited to the following:

Makes your penis longer, stronger and harder:

Xxx is considered as one of the most recognizable name when it comes to the medicine to make your penis long and strong. There will be a noticeable positive change in your sexual performance in just couple of days of regular intake. You will be able to see the visible change in the size of your erect penis, your will get penis long and strong. However, it should be noted that the change in the size of your penis is slow and gradual. But the growth will be constant and safe. And most importantly the growth from using xxx for making your penis long and strong will be long lasting compared to any other enlargement method available out there. Xxx is not only out there to make your penis long and strong but also to increase the girth of your penis. It is an acceptable fact that all of the spouses love longer, strong and harder penis. And xxx will help you just to get that.

Xxx can surely help you to treat premature ejaculation:

If you are also one of many who have faced this problem at some stage of your life, then there is nothing to worry! Xxx is not only the most effective penis enlargement medicine in India but it also helps you to last longer in bed. It is something which you can only experience first hand, once used, you will get the idea what wonders it can do to improve the sexual pleasures of you and your partner. There are many users who has reported that their days of premature ejaculation is behind them, and they are now very happy as their spouses are not complaining anymore. After the regular use of these medicine for penis long and strong, you will be able to enjoy more longer and steady sex life and you won’t be in need for quickie after this. Premature ejaculation will gradually decrease and you will start stretching it longer with every passing day. Premature ejaculation can be a huge disappointment for your partner and mood killer, it is often the reason for embarrassment and shame and it does take your self-esteem and manhood lower. Xxx can take care of that and help you last longer in bed and in return help you gain more confidence and get your manhood back. So it should be pretty easy to get that by using xxx you will be killing two birds with a single stone.


Xxx is an all natural and Ayurvedic medicine, it helps you to maintain an all around good health:

All the natural herbs that we are using to manufacture xxx is very good and healthy for our body. Which is why people who are regularly taking the doses of xxx have experience that not their penis long and strong but their over all health has seen an improvement as well. They feel more healthy and more active and energetic than before.

That being said, the main purpose of xxx is to make your penis longer, stronger and harder but these health advantages are just cherry on the top. If you will take the regular usage of xxx for longer term as well, you will be able to see an overall health improvement and increased activity log in longer run.

In order to treat Erectile Dysfunction, xxx is highly effective:

There are many people who are facing erectile dysfunction and there should be no shame about it. it is just another physical issue that can be treated with the right medicine. Regular and correct usage of xxx can effectively solve this problem for you. it can help you to get rid of the impotence. Many men who are not happy with the size of the penis also face erectile dysfunction due to a lack of confidence or due to nervousness. Regardless of how much they want to have sex for how much they want to get their penis harder and stronger, they cannot get it done. Xxx can help you overcome this issue by effectively increasing the size of your penis and expanding the blood vessels in your penis which can help the blood flow and get a harder and stronger erection. 

You must be knowing this by now in order to get an erection a proper blood flow is very important by taking xxx you will be able to get a super strong erection. It is quite evident that I can order to get your penis longer harder and stronger you need a good blood circulation which as a result will give you a better erection.

X** medicine will help you increase confidence and  boost Your self esteem:

Whether you believe it or not smaller penis size does affect your confidence in a very bad way.  thanks to x x x the size of a penis will increase significantly which and reserved help you to grow confidence and Boost Your self-esteem.  over the period of time, you will be able to see a noticeable improvement in your overall performance and quality of life which is just another advantage of using x x x on a regular basis. 

Regular use of x** will surely help you build better relationships:

It’s truly an unsatisfied sex life that can make your whole life feels like a miserable journey. An unfulfilled sexual life can destroy really good relationships as well.  I recent survey has indicated that women in general preferred men who have a bigger penis.  which means if you are the one with a smaller or below average size penis you are already at loss in the competition.  however, using our medicine for penis long and strong can I help you in this case. because with the regular usage of our medicine your penis size will start growing significantly and you will be able to deliver the performance your spouse or your better half is expecting from you.  once you will start fulfilling all the sexual Desires it’s you will be able to see by yourself that there is an improvement in your relationship as well.

Herbal, Natural and safest tablets for longer, stronger and harder penis in India.

We have created xxx with a very unique and special procedure using some of the rarest herbs out there, combining them in a very calculated ratio to get the desired results. What makes our xxx special is its all natural qualities, it is an all herbal penis enlargement tablet.

It is different than other out in the market, available on every other corner cheap and ineffective pills for long and strong penis. To get the best results and give pure pleasure to our users we have created it from 100% pure and authentic Ayurvedic herbal extracts. The herbs that we are using are tried and tested by Indians for centuries to get longer, stronger and harder penis while erection, xxx is using Shilajeet and Mucuna pruriens as two of its core elements.

To add more weight to our facts, there was a recent scientific tests were held and it is now proven that using herbals like Shilajeet can actually help you to improve your semen counts and increase the serum testosterone levels. The herbs that we are having many different properties as well, and one of the most useful quality is that these herbs behave like a natural form of Viagra. Therefore, it will increase the length and girth of your penis while increasing your stamina and make your penis harder while erected. There are published papers on various websites about the clinical evaluation of Chlorophytum borivallum, it confirms that Safed Musli actually increase testosterone levels and surely make a significant improvement in semen count. There are many other study papers available on the herbs that we are using to create xxx, further showing the effectiveness of our penis enlargement medicine.

We can not stress enough on how much it is important for us to make sure of the safety for our users of xxx. Therefore, we take every precaution possible to ensure only the finest quality herbs are being used while creating xxx penis enlargement medicine to make sure the best effectiveness.

Why is xxx so effective to make your penis longer, stronger and harder?

Xxx is one of the most recognizable name to for penis enlargement medicine in India. The reason behind the by far most effective result and miles ahead of our competition is because of our all natural and ayurvedic Formula for penis enlargement medicine and our ability to identify the best quality herbals available.

While you may get cheap penis enlargement medicine anywhere around you, the difference between them and us is that we use the most premium and high quality herbs to manufacture xxx for our users. This is why we guarantee unmatched results and user safety even after the longer period of usage.

Following is the list of herbals that we use to manufacture xxx for penis enlargement medicine:

  1.   Shilajeet:

We get our high quality Shilajeet from the far lands of rocky mountains of Himalayas. It is a sticky mineral compound. It is derived by a long and very specific purification process. If you have ever taken a trip to Northern part of the country, you may find many people selling Shilajeet over every corner of the street. But the real trick is to identify real from fake. It is especially difficult when you are not aware about the difference between two. Our staff members have expertise in the field of Ayurveda and they get the best in class Shilajeet available in the market. It is a well known fact that Shilajeet can improve the sex life of both men and women. With the correct usage, Shilajeet can help you last longer in bed, help youget longer, stronger and harder erection, increase your sex drive and the health benefits of Shilajeet is also unparalleled, as it can treat the urinary infections and boost your immunity. There are dozens of cheap penis enlargement medicines in India which uses Shilajeet, but Shilajeet gives best results when it is used without any impurities.

  1.   Shatavari:

Shatavari is also known as Asparagus, and it is one of the most commonly used herbal in the Ayurveda and India for its many health benefits. There are limitless benefits of using it in regular basis, this is why it has become one of the most popular herb to be used in Penis enlargement medicine in India. After series of testing it is not proved and accepted how the regular usage of Shatavari can help you gain weight, strength and improvement in the condition of the sexual organs. When it is used with the combination of Shilajeet, the effectiveness of Shatavari also increases significantly.

  1.  Ashwagandha:

Ashwagandha is often considered as one of the most effective and useful herbal to treat several health issues ranging from weakness to heat issues. It is also known as Withania sominifera, it is highly regarded as stress reliving agent and it helps to improve testosterone level in blood. It acts as an all natural anti-oxidant and also as aphrodisiac. Ashwagandha helps stimulating the Nitric oxides in your body if you take it in the therapeutic manner. This results in dilation of the blood vessels, including the vessels in penis. Therefore, you get naturally longer, stronger and harder penis.

  1.   Safed Musli:

Safed Musli also knows as Chlorophytum Borivillanum is an old and traditional chemical herb used in Ayurveda. Its primary use in Ayurveda  is to increase the sexual abilities and adaptogen. In order to check the effectiveness and usefulness of Musli there were various scientific tests were conducted and it is evident by the tests that it surely help improves the quality of the semen in adult males. Also, there was an experiment conducted on rats in controlled environment and it was clear that rats who were getting safed Musli in their diet gets better erectile functionality. Safed musli can easily falls in the same category as Viagra in all natural form. Safed Musli is literally one of the most effective and preferred herb which is used in all kind of penis enlargement medicine in India, when it comes to Ayurvedic medicines because of its highly effective and safe natural properties. It also increase the sperm count and testosterone levels, it surely make longer, stronger and harder penis.

  1. Kaunch:

Kaunch beej is commonly known as Mucuna Pruriens in English. L-Dopa can be found in large quantity in Kaunch beej. L-Dopa is the same chemical which is highly effective against Parkinson disease; However, in Ayurveda it is hailed as an aphrodisiac medicine that increase semen quality for adult males and works wonders with libido. The natural chemical compounds in Kaunch beej relaxes the nerves of human body, therefore, it can be used to reduce the stress level in mankind.

These are 5 of the primary elements used in xxx which makes it the best penis enlargement medicine in India. But other then them, there are many different herbs and ayurvedic ingredients are used for the high effectiveness of xxx.

We make sure for our users to get the best of the best quality when it comes to our products. Natural herbs are being used for treating sexual dysfunctions for ages now, but for the maximum results and highest efficiency possible we use the modern tools thanks to the advancement in the technology. We use double extraction method to ensure the best quality from herbs. The herbs, which we are using to make xxx the best penis enlargement medicine in India are extracted very carefully and by double extraction we only take most active and effective molecules and leave behind unwanted and useless molecules. This process make sure that you only get the best in class Ayurvedic penis enlargement medicine available in not just India but world wide. And to make sure that there are absolutely no side effects of our products.

The best and most effective penis enlargement medicine in India is x x x

If you will do a little research you will be able to find a lot of medicines online and out on almost every corner of the street claiming to make your penis long and strong.  but do all of these medicines actually work the same way?  the simple answer is no.

Theoretically and technically speaking almost all of the penis long and strong medicines are designed to work in the same way.  they all try to increase the blood flow inside your penis and blood vessels by expanding the size of your blood vessels of your penis. however, when it comes to real life it is quite evident that not all of the medicines work the same way.  on the one hand, some other work really wonders for you and on the other, some can be really disappointing. 

When the results of these medicines and x** are compared hand to hand you will be able to see that x x x is literally the Undisputed king of penis enlargement medicine in India. we have seen results with people able to see growth in the size of the penis up to 3.5 inches in just usage of a couple of months.

However, this should be noted that this is a maximum result that we have gained so far, the effect of x** is different for every man.  generally, we have seen on an average of 2.2 inches increment in the length of the penis. 

Additionally, most of the Penis enlargement medicines in India are focusing on either increasing the size of a penis by increasing the length for the girls of your penis and failed to make your penis stronger.  However, the actual goal of penis enlargement medicine in India can only be achieved successfully if with the size of a penis the stamina and hardness should also be improved. 

X** has the ultimate goal of all-round development of your penis we focus on the overall functionality of your penis rather than just increasing the size. 

At Aziz Herbals, we believe nut size without power is useless there is absolutely no point in having a long and big penis that is not able to hold the erection for a longer duration. If your penis is not strong enough to fulfill your partner during Intercourse then none of this is useful.

To achieve this goal we are putting temperature Anna power while manufacturing x** for you.  this is why x** is V best penis enlargement medicine in India to make your penis long and strong to enjoy the most pleasurable moments with your spouse during the overall sexual period.

Benefits and Disadvantages of taking regular doses of penis enlargement medicines

Believe it or not what for a man a real power house is his penis.  and if if the penis is not functioning the way it is supposed to be everything else easily gets disrupted and affected.  this is a very simple reason to understand why there is are really higher number of consumption of penis enlargement pills worldwide.

however, this is not the only reason behind the overconsumption of medicines for penis long and strong as another reason behind this is that a considerable amount of men are having the issue of erectile dysfunction. It is one of the most common conditions on which Urologist and Andrologist are working to overcome.

So before you decide to buy any of the products from the market to make your penis long and strong you should be aware of both sides of the coin. Therefore, we are going to focus on the pros and cons of taking a medicine for making your penis long and strong.

In order to do that we have to do a proper study and get a deep understanding of what exactly penis enlargement medicines are and what is their functionality and effects on a male reproductive system over a longer period of duration.


So let’s begin by understanding the function and the nature of penis enlargement  medicines:

X x x is one of the most effective penis enlargement Medicine in India which is ingestible. it is used to get positive improvement in male reproductive organs. if related to three major benefits listed below:


Enhancing the blood flow in the blood vessels of your penis

 help you to improve the quality and the duration of your penis erection

 help you to increase your stamina and give you a boost in sexual endurance


After in the market, there are so many different penis enlargement medicines available from natural or ingredients and Technology.  this implies that there are little to almost no Side Effects when compare with other synthetic medicines.


It is very evident that because of synthetic chemicals and synthetic medicines will affect your penis faster compared to ayurvedic penis enlargement medicine. The reason behind it is the ability of synthetic medicines to manipulate chemicals in your body and blood specifically targeted to the blood vessels of your penis to increase the size. however,  because of the same reason, it will leave more harm in your sexual life than goods in the longer run.


With that being said, one cannot undermine the fact that even though xxx is completely natural manufactured using Ayurveda and other herbs, those natural chemicals with all the positive effects on your sexual life can leave some negative impact on your body as well. So let us share all the possible disadvantages that you may get using penis long and strong medicines.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of male enlargement pills

As we already know every person has a different body, and where the body reacts differently with the medicine that they are using. This means some people may experience more negative effects compared to others. Similarly, some people may get more positive results compared to others.

The pros and cons of using penis long and strong medicine are linked with the three points which you have mentioned above. But the outcome may differ from person to person depending on the psychological experience to their physical structure.

Following is the list of advantages of using penis long and strong medicine in India


  • You will get a longer, stronger, and harder penis for better satisfaction of a spouse.
  • Increased stamina and ability to keep an erection for a longer duration of sex.
  • Ability to give more intense orgasm for your spouse and get better pleasure for both of you that you deserve.
  • Experience a higher sexual rush and desire. 
  • Thanks to the increased size of a penis you will get better overall self confidence and a much higher sense of self worth.

Now let’s talk about the cons that some of you may experience:

  • Some people may gate allergic sides effects like shivering vomiting or even skin rationing
  • Because of overdose, it may be possible that some may get a dependency issue
  • If you are already taking some other kind of medications it can interact with them and it may cause some serious health concerns
  • Some people may experience headaches or blurred vision as well.

Please do not worry! There are two very important steps that one can take to save oneself from facing these adverse effects by using xxx penis enlargement medicine in India.

  • You should always consult a doctor before starting a male enlargement medicine so that you do not feel any complications. This may allow the specialist to check and inform you our any possible allergic reaction from our medicine how to get the better understanding of all the pros and cons of taking a particular male enlargement medicins.
  • Whenever you see the word fancy imported big penis medicines you should always take your money and run as fast as you can to avoid such scams. As many of them are labelled as natural but they used synthetic chemicals for the manufacturing process.

Now let’s discuss some of the side effects for using allopathic penis long and strong medicine

It is true that when it comes to buy allopathic male enlargement pills near medical Store, it’s more convenient. many of us believe that when they go to a medical store and buy these products for cheaper price they are saving time and money. As these products are faster to give results and way easier on our pockets.

Yet, many experts animal doctors recommend you to stay clear of allopathic medicines for male enlargement.

The reason experts are telling you to stay away from the these medicines is very simple, you will be having almost all of the side effects that you are gonna get from using all natural and herbal penis long and strong medicine with them too. Additionally, the list of adverse side effects just keep getting longer and longer.

Let us help you to get the idea of these side effects, so that you can compare and make a visor decision when it comes to taking best penis enlargement medicine in India. Following is the list of side effects that you may get by using male enlargement pills.

Running nose

Whenever you are taking allopathic medicine for male enlargement your body’s chemical get off balance. This happens because highly concentrated chemicals in allopathic medicine for male enlargement reacts with your body’s natural chemical system. As a result you will get a running nose. However, your running nose should stop within minutes after taking the pill, and if it is not stopping then you should check with your doctor.

Different skin reactions

One of the most commonly scene side effect for allopathic male enlargement pills is seen on your skin. For many, the colour of the skin changes, red on different parts of a body like face, arms, neck, chest and even thighs. In fact, for shorter duration it may feel warm as well. The major cause behind this could be the sudden increase in your blood flow, and this should go away within few minutes too.

Your ears may start ringing

Having such concentrated chemical induced pills in your body main confuse your body chemistry in a way that it gives you so many different side effects, I am getting ringing in ear as also because your body is not able to adjust with newly introduced chemical wire allopathic male enlargement pills. However, once your body adapt newly introduced chemicals this ringing should stop.

Feeling dizzy

Giddiness is also one of the sign that your body is trying to cope up with the newly introduced chemical. And while your body struggle to cope up with that you feel dizzy. But just like all the side effects we have learnt so far it should fade away as your body adapt to new chemicals and if it still there, you must stop taking those pills and check with the doctor as soon as possible.

Getting an upset stomach

When it take allopathic medicine for penis enlargement your stomach houses the pill. And if your body feels to adjust with the new chemicals, you will get nauseated. You may experience diarrhoea, vomiting and other nauseating issues. This should stop soon too, and it’s not, you should check with the doctor.

Having bad headaches

having headaches is one of the most common side effect people face when they take allopathic penis enlargement medicine. The reason behind us is the the sudden acceleration in the blood flow of your body and this cause headaches. as 7 acceleration is because of the medicine that you have taken, this should go away after few minutes. And if your headache is not gone after few minutes, then you must check with doctor.

Prolong erection of the penis

As we have discussed different side effect so far, it is clear that our body is not able to adjust with chemicals introduced by an external source. Best side effect is also caused because our body is confused my newly added chemical, and IT results in exaggerated election that last for longer than needed. there are some cases where the erection lasted longer than hours. This may cause immense pain in your penis, and if it happens repeatedly it can permanently damage your penis to. We advise you to consult a doctor whenever you face this issue.

Can cause a heart attack

even though and heart attack is pretty rare because of the use of these medicines and generally it only occurs to people who are having pre existed issues such as high blood pressure or other heart related health issues. If you are having any of these pre existent health issues you should avoid these medicine altogether. You should consult a doctor before taking search medication. In case you have already taken a medicine you should consult a doctor immediately if you feel any kind of difficulty in breathing are tightness in chest. these issues are also linked with accelerated blood circulation in your body because of newly induced chemicals by allopathic penis enlargement medicine.

Apart from these side effects that we have discussed other adverse effects on your body may include hearing loss, muscle pain, pain in your joints, blurred vision and in some extreme cases and death. These Side effects are caused if the issues that we discuss above are not treated and happen to you regularly.

What size is considered as a normal erected penis size?

It is pretty common to fail and was awarded the size of a erected penis, is wondering about the size of your penis and thinking what would be the normal size are what will be the average size when it comes to penises.

Even people were having an average size penis generally considered themselves having a penis which is not big enough, and who doesn’t wish to have a bigger penis then they already have.

According to a study in 2015, many health professionals have measured about 15500 people and based on that data and average size of a penis would be 5.17 inches long and 4.5 inches thick. This was the most reliable data we have in years, as all the measurements were done by health professionals. if we believe the data we have anyone who is having a penis longer than five inches should be considered a normal penis.

What should you expect from x x x the best penis enlargement medicine in India?

Whenever you hear “penis enlargement”, we are sure that your mind fumble among a lot of thoughts and questions. Road beclouded Bai questions like is penis enlargement actually possible? How can this be possible? Would there be any side effects? Which is the best penis long and strong medicine out there in India? 

If you trust medical websites on the internet, almost all of them will tell you that penis enlargement is not possible. And we actually agree with them partially. Why partially you ask? That’s because under some conditions and certain situations one may get some extension in the size of the erect penis.

However, the first starting any procedure to get your penis long and strong we should consider all the side effects and possible benefits as well.

while taking penis long and strong medicine what should always keep in mind that the size can only increase of the elected penis. There is absolutely no way to increase the size of a flaccid penis accept the surgery, which has its own after effects.

At Aziz herbal, we firmly believe that the term penisenlargement is highly misinterpreted among the people, especially in India. By using our product, the size of a erect penis will increase upto 3.5 inches, there will be growth in the girth, stamina to pleasure your spouse will increase significantly, performance level will rise over the roof improve your fertility. our product is not just a penis enlargement product, this is a best medicine out there in India to improve your sexual life in other words ‘male enhancement’.

Where are so many different ways to increase the size of your penis. Surcharge using penis long and strong exercise, penis pumps are other such devices but all of them are full of so many negative side effects while none of them are capable of giving you a permanent result.

Contradicting the allopathic medicines are all natural and herbal x** will help you get your penis long and strong for a long lasting period.

X** increase the nitric oxide in your blood level, this and results and dalit your blood vessels in penis therefore there is a higher and increased blood flow in penile chambers. This results in longer, stronger and harder penis.

Latest answer some of the most commonly asked questions by our users.

What is the best option to get your penis long and strong?

Every one of us wants to get longer, stronger and harder penis, which is why many companies has started manufacturing medicine for long and strong. But do all of them actually works?

To answer this question in simply yes or no would be really tricky. As many of them claim to have used Ayurveda and natural herbs in the manufacturing process but what they won’t tell you is that they are also using other hidden chemicals which can be harmful for your health.

Parents meeting ingredients and chemicals used in some of these medicines actually help you get penis long and strong for shorter duration and with longer resource is it affects your health in a harmful way.

X** is our product very only use Ayurveda and best quality natural herbs for manufacturing. From our unique and modern formula nitric oxide help to dilate your blood vessels in the penis and get you long lasting results. Using a product for a longer duration will also not harm your body.

Can a regular usage of these medicines make your penis bigger?

to be honest most of these medicines and not fulfilling the formation that they are giving you. Some of them may not work at all. And to top it all some of them can actually have your health.

To understand it better let us help you understand the whole procedure how xxx helps your penis to grow in length and girth.

When you take x** regularly natural herbs works wonders and increase the level of nitric oxide in your blood levels which and return dilate your blood vessels. Therefore, the level of blood circulation and improved in your body and the blood vessels in your penile area are dilated as well. You get your penis long and strong.

Is it possible to increase the size of flaccid penis?

No, the size of a flaccid penis can not be increased by any possible means except penis surgery.

And the reason behind this is very simple, you mentioned earlier the reason of the increased size in your erect penis is the increased blood flow through the dilated vessels now when your penis is flaccid there is no need for higher blood flow that for the size cannot be increased.

There are many people who suggest you otherwise, best war on anything that using methods like penis enlargement pump, penis extenders and other stretching devices for your penis helps to improve size of your flaccid penis as well but the truth is none of them have any significant effect on the flaccid penis.

In reality only stretch the pinnell tissue of your penis which gives you an impression of an enlarge penis but this stretching is only temporary. So the tissues retract to the normal position and the illusion of the the enlarge placid penis is shattered.

Will undergoing a surgical procedure a permanent solution to get enlarged penis?

we are living in an era where we believe that we have solution for almost everything. with the use of modern technology and advancement in medical science there are many people who believe that going through a medical surgical process to get increased size of your penis would be right solution. However, doctors and many medical experts has advise against it. You should only go for penis enlargement surgery if your size of the penis is extremely small in medical terms a micro penis (penis smaller than 1.8 inches).

in any other case doctors and medical experts are highly recommended to avoid these surgery because there are lots of after effects. In many cases it is reported that the ability to get organism is reduced significantly, the intensity of sexual pleasures are also decreased, where are cases where people are facing difficulty is of getting a proper erection after surgery.

To sum it all, in order to gain an inch or two you are risking your entire sex life.


We have discussed everything regarding penis enlargement medicine. And from all the facts and science it is quite evident that one cannot increase the size of the penis permanently. Penis enlargement surgery give you an increase of an inch or two on a permanent basis what is after effects way out weigh its benefits.

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